Shaving tips

Step 1: Prepare

Surprisingly, good old-fashioned water is one of the most important aspects of shaving. Wet shaving would not be called what it is without the water! This is not to minimize the need for high quality shave cream, a goad razor, and an adequate aftershave product. There are two major purposes for hydration in the shaving process. One is to prepare the skin before shaving and the other into ‘activate” the high quality glycerin based shaving cream we recommend for the closest, most comfortable shave. The key to a perfect shave is to prepare your skin before you apply your shaving cream. If possible shave dudng or atter a hot shower, or apply a hot damp towel to the face for about 2 minutes before shaving. This serves to soften the beard and stimulate the oil glands leading to a softer, smoother shave. Un-softened whiskers am extremely hard on the blade and are the primary cause for short blade life. Believe Sorest, your whiskers am tougher than the edge of the blade and when you do not adequately prepare them for a shave, they create imperfections on the edge of the blade that make it very dull. A dull blade is the primary cause for razor burn and cuts. For gentlemen with sensitive skin or heavy beards, we suggest lubricating your whiskers with a small amount of Pre-Shave Oil before lathering.

Step 2: Activate

Use a glycerin-based shaving cream or soap that lathers with water. We recommend our Truefitt & Hill shaving cream or shaving soap for an unparalleled experience. Stay clear of foams, gels, or products that contain numbing agents such as benzocaine or menthol. These will close your pores and stiffen your beard. Use the shaving cream sparingly. Junta little gives a really good shave. As discussed above, our shaving cream works best when activated with liberal amounts of water. The water mixes with the ingredients to create a rich lather.

Step 3: Apply

Although shaving cream may be applied with the fingers, a good quality shaving brush makes the lathering process much easier. Mother benefit of the badger hair brush is that it exfoliates the skin and lifts the whiskers of the beard so they am ready to be shaven. The mom thorough the lathering process, the better the shave. Uses small amount of glycerin-based shaving cream and rub onto the wet skin by moving the brush in a circular motion and back and forth over the skin, against the grain of the beard to produce mrod lather. If you do not have a badger hair brush, cup your hand and place shaving cream in the palm of your hand and mix with water by rubbing vigorously with your other hand. Then apply to face with your fingers using a circular motion.

Step 4: The Shave

Use a quality blade with a handle that offers good weight and balance for better control. Remember that a dull blade is the leading cause for cuts and razor bum! The quality of the blade is also very important. While a straight razor is an incredible art form and, when done correctly, gives an incredibly close shave, it is a difficult process to perform on yourself at home. Blade technology is so advanced these days that it is easy to find good blades that are easy to use. All our razors come equipped with replaceable MACH 1110 blades.

We recommend shaving with or across the grain of the beard, but not directly against it. Failure to do this is the major cause of razor burn and in-grown hairs. Some men find their skin can handle shaving against the grain, but only after shaving with the grain first Glide the razor gently over the skin, holding the skin taut with the free hand while shaving. Keep the razor well rinsed to avoid clogging the blade and apply more water if necessary, not more shaving cream. Repeat the process a second time if necessary.

Step 5: Follow UP

We want to stress that aftershaving is a process, not just a product. After the shave, apply cold water to the face to close the pores and pat the skin dry. It is important to use an aftershave product to moisturize and disinfect the skin. Some men prefer using a traditional splash-on aftershave product in the hotlhumid summer months when moisturizing is not as necessary.

Brush and Razor Care

Thoroughly rinse your brush and ream after each use. Shake all excess water out of your badger hair brush so it can easily dry. It is preferred that you dry the badger hair brush hanging upside down to prevent moisture from seeping into the base of the brush. Never store a upside down to prevent moisture from seeping into the base of the brush. Never store a shaving brush in a closed cupboard where mildew may form. Replace your blade as soon as it be•ins to uncomfortable tu• and •ull on our beard.