Envy Barbers TOP 5 style guide for Men,  Autumn 2019

This Autumn 2017, from the beard to the hair is all about one word swag. From a more rough and ready hair-cut to the beard game getting stronger than ever, the common theme in all these styles is the return of the man look. So, get ready for a manly Autumn 2017.

Crew cut fade to beard

The crew cut fade is looking to be the number one trend for Autumn 2017. A ready to go style for a man on the move. This is an easy to manage style because the length is short and the only maintenance required is a fortnightly trip to the barbers to maintain the fade and the short crop. The key to this style is all in the cut and the fading which was created at Envy Barbers specialist stylists.

Clean shaven yet man game strong

Like we said, versatility is the theme this Autumn, as long as your man game is strong then so is your style  street cred.

Manly men, are usually associated with the beard, but not this season. If you are in the mood to move away from the stubble and beared look, you are still on trend with a clean shave, as long as it is as soft as the palm of your hands. A wet shave, a fortee by Envy Barbers, is a great way to maintain and keep a super clean shaven look. Not only does a wet shave keep hair at bay for longer, but it is actually a lot better than a traditional shave which can leave your skin burned, cut and uneven in growth. A wet shave is the perfect way to not only condition your skin, but also helps you avoid those cuts and burns which are not an attractive look to don.

Modern Man Mod

Modern Man Mod? Sounds like a tongue twister and not a trend, but the exuberant name comes, as it explains the  updated twist to the former mod look. The indie trend is really coming back this Autumn and this always inspires men to go the whole way to get a whole new look. The modern man mod keeps the iconic short fringe, famous of the mod but with length on top (think Liam Gallangher, but without the side burns). This style can be kept neat or by adding a bit of salt spray or gel you can create a more messier look. This is a versatile style which up can really play around with which we love.

Return of the Grey

There is something undeniably attractive about the distinguished look of a man with silvery locks don’t you think? Whereas grey hair was once linked to growing old, as we hit the autumn season, the grey hair sprinkles are in fashion and now signifies sophistication, maturity and confidence.

Rough and ready on top

And finally, a great style for the fashion concious man is to keep the sides short and create a top that is the main focal point of your hair this Autumn 2017.

Embracing a longer, more textured top, again is extremely versatile and gives you the rugged, rough and ready to roll hairstyle. Without product you can leave the hair forward, in a semi fringe. With a little gel or texture spray you can rough up the top to give you an edgier look.