About Envy Barbers Education

The Envy unique educational system is based on the philosophy to motivate and inspire you to achieve perfection to becoming a great barber breaking the boundaries.

Creative cutting inspiration Sheriff has been working as a barber for 20 years running his salons & working internationally can give you the education and confidence to motivate to the highest standards in men’s grooming.

The Envy Artistic Team,  teach their skills globally at shows, motivational seminars and workshops pushing the boundaries in The Art of Traditional & modern Barbering and Men’s Hairdressing cutting styling and Shaving.  We love to share our passion, knowledge and skills offering tailored courses for those wanting to master the art of barbering and men’s grooming.


The male grooming industry is the fastest growing service. The majority of men love to relax and take a moment out of their day to feel good.

All inclusive comprehensive training programmers will help you whether you have experience or want to build your confidence, Our courses will improve your confidence and knowledge on a variety of different techniques and methods to expand the services in your salon. Our dedicated Educator’s can offer help and advice as well as a fantastic training day for anyone in the male grooming industry.


The style of education will take you through the core of classic skills required for cutting men’s hair using traditional and modern men’s barbering. This will include freehand, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, blending, fading and taper fade techniques.

I believe it is having the discipline of old school barbering techniques so you really understand the basic before progressing and understanding the importance of correct tool selection. It is all about being prepared to work hard to break into the world of master barbering.

At the end of the courses you will gain an insight approach and be fully educated on how to approach men’s Hairdressing and barbering.

For group bookings please contact  info@envybarbers.co.uk 

Tel: 0207 2405045


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