• Did you always know you wanted to be a barber and how did you first get into barbering?  

I knew I wanted to be a barber at 15.  I wanted a career that suited me as a person who is sociable, creative and hard working. My passion for hair started at a very early age. My Uncle Dave owned a successful barbers salon in London and it captured my interest early on. I found the art of barbering and the atmosphere in the barbershop an inspiring experience and knew it was the career for me.  At the age of 15 after school and Saturdays I would spend time in the salon sweeping the floor and washing hair essentially getting involved where I could. I loved to watch and observe the barbers working their magic and it was then that I learnt how to carry out wet shaves on clients.  Just being there sparked the interest.


  • Were any other members of your family in the Barbering business?

There is a a long line of barbering in my family with a history of several generations, the family has been in the industry for over 60 years, I’m the 3rd generation.  I think it will be in our blood for some time to come still.


  • Apart from barbering, do you have any hobbies?

Currently I’m hitting the gym, it’s good to kick back and relax.  I also love travel.  Following fashion, yes including shopping, and what’s current is a passion of mine.  Also, my job as a stylist is my hobby; what’s that saying, make the job you do your love and you’ll never work a day?  I believe in this motto completely, I truly enjoy what I do.


  • You are a state registered barber and Master Craftsman, do you still believe the campaign for registration is relevant? 

The Hairdressing Council believes in the professionalism of hairdressing and barbering and our campaign is to raise standards within the industry.  Ideally, every hairdresser and barber should be state registered which would eliminate those who practice hairdressing and barbering with no qualifications or experience whatsoever. Being state registered means a person is officially certified by law as qualified to practice on the public just like a dentist, or a doctor.  I can’t stress the importance of this.

All hairdressers and barbers should become part of this industry body, as it denotes that you are professional, qualified and experienced. Professional reputations are destroyed by those hairdressers and barbers that operate to substandard quality and as an industry we have to do all we can to work within a recognised, regulated professional body.

At present anybody can just open a barbershop and hairdressers can cut, shave of course dying people’s hair using chemicals without any training or licensing.  Firstly there’s the hygiene element, and so much more to consider.

I urge everyone to become registered, it’ll be great for your career too.


  • Has your career included much travelling? 

I spend time travelling nationwide for education purposes, in fact I’ve just spent time updating an Essex salon group, in mens grooming procedures and techniques.  However, last year seen a travel opportunity to Hong Kong to carry out training for a reputable hotel.  Generally, Ill travel where I need to, the US, Australia, Europe.   The world still looks to the UK for the best education in hairdressing and barbering in the world. 


  • What would you say has been your finest moment in the barbering world?

For me working for Truefitt & Hill the oldest barbershop in the world, as certified by Guinness Book of World Records, working with clients including the British Royal Family, members of visiting Royal Households, business leaders, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors and the diplomats.  Truefitt & Hill holds a Royal Warrant by appointment to the Prince PhilipDuke of Edinburgh.

I guess my most memorable moment was when I was asked to work with Barber Connect for shaving seminars as part of the British Barbers Association . When I got up on stage and saw the standing ovation the audience gave me when I was awarded the title The Best Shaving Educator in the UK, I realised very quickly what a huge responsibility the title carries and try my very best to represent British barbering in the best light  possible.


  • What do you dislike?

Those who don’t provide top quality, there’s just no reason for it.


  • What do you love most about the barbering industry?

Barbering is a real passion of mine and a passion that doesn’t stop when I leave the salon.   I’m always looking for new skills and styles. No-one knows everything, and it is vital to your barbering career that you keep on top of your skill base as well as progressing to keep your work up to date with current trends.

I love the opportunity I have to give back some of the experiences that I was fortunate enough to have inherited by my family. Being part of the BBA team is a progression towards me helping others achieve the same high standards of training that I want to pass onto others.  The most successful hairdressers, are those that refuse to stand still and continue to grow their skills knowledge.


  • What advice would you give to young barbers starting out?

Don’t go into barbering because you can’t think of anything else to do – go into it because you believe you will love it.  It is hard work but rewarding if you apply yourself.  Young people starting out in barbering should find a reputable salon that provides on the job training along with a reputable college so that you get the best training possible.

To work towards a standard qualification is the vocational training qualifications NVQ level 2 & 3 . Good training will give you a skill for life, Barbers are always in demand and you will always be able to make money from barbering.

Barbering can be both a creatively and financially rewarding career, but to make the most of it you need to keep on top of your game.  I see the future of the industry growing together.  If we share knowledge it will make a difference.  Meeting the most influential people and experiencing diverse cultures, I decided to follow my dream by such a wide, varied aspect to it, whether it be working in a salon, or education .to me its all about achieve that goal  most challenging and reward is trying to get inside clients head To  imagine exactly what kind of look they are looking for, and being able to achieve .It’s satisfying to be able to
 make your clients feel good .and setting achievable  changing. It’s knowing where you want to be in the future. Keeping Inspired.

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