Demetri – Educator

demDemetri leading Trainer in Envy barbers educational team. The traditional skills and techniques that Demetri is renowned for are at the very foundation of the brand’s core value.

Demetri has been in the barbering industry for 20 years, having worked in some of the top salons in London as well as owning and operating his own

salon. His training began with Hollywoods International Hair and The God Barbers , as well as educating and session work too.He has now dedicated himself to education and inspiring others with his technical and innovative precision. He approaches his new role with a workable and fun approach. Easily reocngised for his tattoos and unique sense of humor, he enjoys interacting his barbering background allows him to deliver a flawless training to all.Known as a perfectionist through creativity Demetri has trained hairdressers at all levels in UK and overseas, and worked with many major designers for their runway shows. Demetri. Believes that clients deserve nothing less than the best education and product available on the market.