Course Booking Terms & Conditions

 Course Booking Terms & Conditions

The host is responsible for ensuring the venue is suitable for the Classic Shaving Master-Class.  This should include reclining barber chairs – 1x chair for 2x students, clean towels and disinfectant or sterilising products and has enough room for the students to work safely. You are also required to have valid public liability insurance.

If the educator is required to use a specific brand of shaving product, we must be informed at least 3 weeks prior to the course. This will allow the educator time to familiarise themselves with the product.  (You may need to supply trial samples). Otherwise items such as face wash or scrub, pre shave oil, hot towels and post shave moisturising balms will be supplied and be the choice of the educator.

It is the host’s responsibility to ensure that attending students are aware that they are required to have their own shaving kit. Any student that does not have a shaving kit will not be able to take the course. The shaving kit should contain:

  • Razor (open/cutthroat)
  • Shaving brush (badger or synthetic)
  • Shaving bowl
  • Shaving cream or soap
  • Alum block
  • Styptic pen
  • Clippers, Mini Trimmers/T-liners
  • Comb

Student Attendees:
To ensure the correct student to educator ratio, you must inform us of the confirmed numbers 1 week prior to the course. The maximum number of students that can be on the course is 12.

Course Bookings:
Upon receipt of an enquiry the Envy education will advise of available dates and agree the booking date.  The Envy education will request confirmation of the booking up to 5weeks prior to the agreed date. Once confirmed, a confirmation form will be sent to the host.

Course Dates & Times:
The Classic Shaving Master-Class course will run from 10am until approximately 4pm with a short break for lunch.  The educator will arrive at least 30 minutes to set up and ensure the room is returned to its original state before they leave.

Lunch & Refreshments:
The host is required to provide tea, coffee and water for the educator. It is suggested that this is also provided to the attendees. Lunch need not be provided.


By the host: Courses can be cancelled up to 4weeks and 1day prior to the agreed date with no penalty. Courses cancelled after this time will be subject to a cancellation fee:

  • 4weeks – 2weeks and 1day prior to the course date = 50% of course fee
  • 2weeks – 1week and 1day prior to the course date = 75% of course fee
  • 1 week prior to the course =100% of course fee

By the educator: In the unlikely event that the educator has to cancel the booking with in the 4week period, the Envy education will:

  • Find a suitable replacement educator of similar standing
  • Reschedule the date

The Envy education accepts no responsibility for lost revenue or inconvenient due to the cancellation of a course.


  • An invoice for the full amount of the course fee will be submitted at the end of the course (or at cancellation).
  • Invoices must be paid within 30 days of invoice date
  • Invoices will be submitted by and monies paid to the educator and NOT the envy education.


The course booking is an agreement between the host and the educator. The Envy education operates solely to provide a booking service and cannot be held to account for the responsibilities of the host or the educator.


Envy education will endeavour to help both parties come to an agreeable and amicable solution to any dispute that arises. In the event that it is not possible for the envy education to find a solution, it will be the responsibility of the aggrieved party to seek an acceptable solution on their own accord.